Service and Support in Panama – Company for CCTV Cameras, Computer support, Access Controls, Alarm Systems, Servers and networks!

We are your best service Partner in Panama! We install, service and maintain all types of security systems.

Large apartment intercom systems, office and voip solutions. Administration of Windows and Linux servers. Data recovery, Backup solutions and more. We work for companies, offices but also for private clients.
We speak english, spanish, italian and german! If you are in need of a reliable partner in Panama / central america – look no further! We service many small to large companies in Panama in Panama City, Arraijan, La Chorrera, Coronado and between!

We install and service systems of security, networks, apartment intercom, office intercom…

– CCTV Cameras / Surveillance systems
– Alarm Systems / Home and Business
– Door Intercom / Color, Video, Wireless with electric lock
– Audio Video Intercom (Large video intercom availables)
– Large Apartment Intercom
– Residental area intercom / connect multiple buildings
– Access Controls with rfid, biometric and password
– Servers and Networks (linux, windows, Switches, Cisco, HP and more)
– Time Asistance systems
– Electrical Locks and gate openers
– Wireless Intercom – wireless video intercom
– Servers and Computer / Laptop Maintenance (backup, replacement of parts, removal of virus etc…)

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Call or WhatsApp English and German: 6746-5177
Call or whatsapp Spanish and Italian: 6427-4129



Computer Service for Coronado and Valle Anton

Tecnorado S.A. best I.T. Service in Panama. Repair and installation of Laptops, Computers, Printers, Monitors and more.
Onsite Service, Pickup and return! We work in Coronado and surroundings. Fast and Friendly service. Technician from Germany!

Repair of blue screen, computer freezing, overheating, restarts, no power, blank screen. Data recovery, software installation and replacement of parts.
We fix dead laptops too and repair electronics!

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For calls or WhatsApp in German and English: 6746-5177



Best computer and network support in Panama

Technical support for your company, office and business

Are you tired of slow and unresponsive technicians when you need help? Do you want fast and quality solutions, good prices and support?

Please try us! There is nothing to lose when dealing with Tecnorado S.A. in Panama!

Fair Prices and good quality work is our trademark.

We take care about all your technical equipment in your office such as computers, printers, laptops, access control, networking equipment, intercom systems, electronic locks, alarm systems and more.

We speak english and spanish.


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Security systems installation and Monitoring

Are you in need of a security system for your home or office? Do you need a reliable partner for regularly maintenance and inspection?

Choose Tecnorado S.A. now if you need good support and low prices! We offer to install your security system such as cameras, alarm, motion detectors,
smoke detectors, intercom systems, lights and more.

We will work on service contract with you – no upfront costs! Pay monthly starting from only $50… The contract may include the following:

– Free installation of Alarm system and Cameras
– Regular check if the equipment is working
– Monitoring of your premises and free security advise
– Free upgrades and repairs of your system
– Instant report to our client if event occures
– Fast response and instant on site repair
– Monitoring of your place when you are travelling
– Intrusion detection systems

Our technicians and other personal is from Germany / italy. We speak english and spanish.


For calls or WhatsApp in German and English: 6746-5177
For calls or WhatsApp in Spanish and Italian: 6427-4129

Instalación del servicio eléctrico y mantenimiento de sistemas eléctricos en Panamá

Tecnorado S.A. ahora ofrece servicios eléctricos para pequeñas empresas y oficinas. Instalamos todo tipo de sistemas eléctricos, luz, alarma, aire acondicionado split, ventilatores dividida, interruptores, tomas de corriente, detectores de humo y panel de interruptores.

Nos reparar su antigua instalación si tiene problemas eléctricos, tales como baja potencia, malas conexiones, daños por líquidos, interruptores no laborales o tomas de corriente, equipo dañado, cálculos erróneos, disyuntores subestimados

Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros ahora para mejor y rápido servicio! Hablamos Inglés, español, alemán e italiano!

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Tecnorado – siempre el mejor servicio para usted en Panamá!


Mejor Servicio para Companias en Panama

Los mejores servicios para las empresas en Panamá por Tecnorado! Ofrecemos servicio y mantenimiento para su oficina y equipamiento. Nosotros, los computadoras de servicios, redes, impresoras, pantallas, TV, audio y video, UPS, cámaras de CCTV y otros aparatos electrónicos.

Técnico de Alemania!

Ofrecemos a trabajar en contrato de mantenimiento para un mejor servicio!
Trabajamos rápido y eficiente. Nuestros precios son muy razonables. 100% de satisfacción!

Nos ocupamos de:
– Computadoras y laptops, POS, Equipo de oficina
– Redes y Servidores
– Impresoras y otros dispositivos auxilary
– Audio y Video Systems
– Software y hardware
– Limpieza regularmente de computadoras, componentes electrónicos
– Los sistemas de CCTV y Seguridad

Para llamadas o WhatsApp Alemán e Inglés: 6746-5177
Para llamadas o WhatsApp español e italiano: 6427-4129


New Price list online

We have uploaded our Price list for you. Feel free to download and check our services and the costs. If you have any questions, please contact us. Remember that, if a job is not listed, it does not mean we cannot do it, just ask us!

Hemos subido nuestra lista de precios para usted. No dudes en descargar y compruebe nuestros servicios y los costos. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor contáctenos. Recuerde que, si no aparece un trabajo, no significa que no podamos hacerlo, no dude en preguntarnos!

English version:

Tecnorado Price list for services

Versión Español:

Tecnorado precios para los servicios